Exterior Preperation, Restoration & Waterproofing

We will go over all areas of your home to prepare, restore & waterproof your home to insure a long lasting paint job…

We will power wash the home removing any mildew that is evident. We will prepare the home by thoroughly scraping and sanding all surfaces to be painted removing all loose paint and failed caulking. All weathered and bare wood or stucco will be primed with a stain blocking primer to ensure adhesion of all patching and filling compounds. All products used to patch & fill are waterproofing compounds. Weathered and cracked siding or stucco will be coated using elastomeric compound applied by rolling over affected areas prior to finish paint. We recommend using premium exterior paints on all surfaces to get the longest lasting paint job possible. All of our paint jobs are guaranteed to our customers satisfaction.

#1 Waterproof prep pics
#2 Waterproof prep pics
#4 Waterproof prep pica, with rusted nails
#5 Waterproof prep pics, remove failed caulking
#6 Prep for paint
#7 Waterproof prep pics
#8 Waterproof prep pics (1)
#9 Waterproof prep pics, apply red oxide primer to rusted nails
#10 Waterproof prep pics, apply primers to all bare wood prior to re caulking
#12 Waterproof exterior repaint pics
#11 Prime all weathered areas prior to patching or caulking
#13 Build a schaffold for access to chimneys
#15 cement siding patchwork
#17 Prepped and ready for paint
#18 Prepped ready for paint
#19 Finish paint in progress
#20 Finished pic of waterproofed & restored home
#21 Finish paint pics
#22 Finished Pain pics
#23 Finished paint pics (2)
#24 Finished paint pics (1)